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Higher Voltage, Higher Level: IT7600 Series AC Power Supply Boosts!
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Introduction: The city grid is the most important power supply for electrical products. However, in actual operation, its voltage and frequency are not constant, and there are problems such as unbalanced three-phase and transient voltage. All kinds of Electricity loads and switches and protection devices in the power grid must be tested with relevant electrical parameters and power supply reliability to ensure proper operation or related protection start under various power supply conditions. ITECH's latest IT7600 boosting module provides users with a wider range of AC voltages for testing industrial and domestic electricity products.

China's AC distribution voltage levels below 1000V involve 220V/380V, 380V/660V, 1000V/1140V, etc., and civilian power has been using 220V/380V voltage standard. However, in the industrial environment of coal mine, steel, chemical industry, etc., the equipment scale is large, the low-voltage distribution lines are long and scattered, and the single-unit power consumption is large, which will result in large energy consumption loss and large cable cross-sectional area during power supply, which in turn leads to problems such as too low line end voltage and high consumption of non-ferrous metals. Therefore, since the national standard GB156-80 was released in 1980, AC three-phase three-wire 660V voltage has been used as a standard power supply voltage and adopted by heavy-duty manufacturing industries such as steel and coal. For these testing of AC motors, fans, electric welders, electric heaters, circuit breakers, inverters, contactors, relays, etc. used in these environments, an AC source is required to provide analog power supply testing under three-phase 660V parameters.

Users can adopt ITECH three-phase boosting module according to actual test demands, choose star or delta connection method to meet the diversified testing requirements.

IT7600 series three-phase boosting model continues the test function of three-phase unbalaced simulation. Users can realize the connection mode of Y type and △ type according to the actual demand. AC source also can simulate three-phase unbalance while realizing three-phase output, expand the application range.

IT7600 series AC source has built-in full-scale power meter and large-screen oscilloscope function. It has a built-in high-speed sampling measurement circuit that can display real-time voltage and current curves, enabling instantaneous analysis without oscilloscope. At the same time, users can set the voltage or frequency output variation rate by himself, so that the voltage or frequency can gradually reach the set value step by step, which can more accurately verify the operating range of the product, and can also reduce the inrush current when the DUT is turned on.

IT7600 series high performance programmable AC power supply, adopting advanced digital signal processing technology, built-in full-scale power meter and large-screen oscilloscope function, supporting master-slave parallel, providing large-capacity single-phase or three-phase AC output. It can be widely used in many fields such as new energy, home appliances, power electronics, avionics, military and IEC standard test development and application.

For more information, please visit our website: http://www.itechate.com/en/

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