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New Arrival – Grand Appearance of IT6000 with 2250V&MW-level
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With the increasing environmental protection concept of energy conservation and carbon reduction, more and more green and recycling new energy concepts have been proposed to make “living” and “going” more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient and more economical. Among the concepts proposed by New Energy, include Energy Storage System (ESS), Fuel Cell, PV inverter, Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (HEV), Electrical Vehicle (EV) and Charger Station, etc. These test equipment with high power and industry-standard all need accurate, stable and rigorous testing, in response to this market demand, ITECH launches unprecedented IT6000 new series to break through the traditional test thinking, providing industry-leading technical indicators and innovative performance, giving users a fantastic user experience.

IT6000 new series includes: IT6000B Regenerative Power System, IT6000C Bi-Directional Programmable DC power supply, IT6000D High Power Programmable DC power supply. IT6000 can be extensively used in aspects of high power battery, automotive electronics, green energy, high speed testing etc.

In terms of appearance, high power density design makes size smaller, 18kW in 3U. The high-brightness display can make users see the test result more clearly; IT6000 can be divided into two types according to the power: desktop type and floor type. IT6000B integrates bidirectional power supply and regenerative electronic load into one 3U unit. It is also a very powerful one. Only a button is needed to switch between the bidirectional power supply and the regenerative electronic load.

In terms of functions, IT6000 can be divided into seven types according to operating voltage: 80V, 200V, 360V, 500V, 800V, 1500V, 2250V, and output current up to 2040A, maximum power up to 1152kW. Whether it is power battery or photovoltaic system, users can select the required model according to their demands.


Moreover, IT6000C series and IT6000B series are with energy recovery, the regenerative capability enables the energy consumed to be put back into the grid cleanly with high efficiency up to 95%, saving costs from energy consumption and cooling, while not interfering with the grid.

With its comprehensive functions, excellent performance and rich bundled software capabilities, IT6000 series can fully meet the various testing needs of photovoltaic systems and batteries, and greatly reduce test space, save electricity costs, and reduce the operational complexity of the test platform, greatly improves the reliability and security of integrated system. Furthermore, IT6000 strongly help to liberate your hands and return your green and cool test environment!

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