As a global professional power testing instruments manufacturer, customer-oriented is the principle all ITECH's activities.
ITECH has launched more than ten new products in recent 3 years, such as IT6500 high-power DC power supply (117 models), IT6400 bipolar DC power supply, IT7600 AC power supply, IT8900A/E high power DC electronic load and so on. The unprecedented multi-functional product, IT6000 series of new generation will be exhibited at electronica 2018 in Germany, please stay tuned!
ITECH has always been focusing on innovation and R&D since established. We keep providing the comprehensive test solutions and high performance products.

ITECH Product Series
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With the rise of emerging technologies such as the Internet, cloud computing and Internet of Things, the concept of "Internet +" has become a new hot spot in economic development and infiltrated into all fields of society.
Under this trend, intelligent hardware and Internet of Things equipment industry expand rapidly with a spark. In the smart wearable products industry, the constant pursuit of lower power consumption and longer use time make the demand is higher for high-precision, high-speed power supply. Learn More >>

Micro-Grid is a new type of distributed energy organization. As a controllable unit of a large power grid, it is a small, decentralized and independent system that uses a large number of modern power technologies to directly connect various micro-power and energy storage devices to users’ terminal, to meet the needs of specific users, increase the reliability of local electricity, reduce transmission losses. Therefore, whether equipment manufacturers or professional grid research laboratories, needs to establish simulation test demands. Learn More >>

New energy automobiles are developing rapidly, and testing is key to guarantee quality.
ITECH has rich experience and advanced products in tests of vehicle power batteries and charge/piles/vehicle-mounted chargers. For the vehicle power supply system with complex output, the power voltage output always fluctuates as a result of high-current motors, electromagnetic valves, etc., and high-voltage pulsation or drop occurs frequently, resulting in challenges to stable operation of on-board electronic products. ITECH offers solutions meeting ISO16750-2 and DIN40839 standards and provides mature, reliable and comprehensive automobile electronic test solutions.Learn More >>

ITECH test solutions in the solar PV field mainly include the high-precision and high-reliability test instruments and systems developed for photoelectricity test of solar cell arrays and related tests of PV inverters.Learn More >>

ITECH provides high-precision programmable electronic loads, programmable power supplies, battery resistance testers and other testing instruments and high-reliability battery charge and discharge test systems for various lithium batteries, NI-MH batteries, lead acid batteries, hydrogen fuel batteries, super capacitors and other related products.

In addition, stable and reliable solutions are offered for the testing of battery cells, battery groups, battery packs, etc.Learn More >>

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