New energy vehicles are booming all over the world. In order to meet lots of testing needs of new energy vehicles for DUTs, ITECH electronic loads have continuously improved various functions, and a new high power density DC electronic load IT8900A/E series will be newly launched. IT8900A/E series provides three voltage ranges 150V/600V/1200V, the power expands to 384kW by master-slave paralleling. Ultra-high power density, 6kW is with only 4U height, IT8900A/E series has comprehensive protection function, which can be applied to power battery discharge, DC charging station, on-board charger (OBC), power electronics and other power electronics products.


High power density, small size

IT8900A/E series adopts high power density design, the size is half of the conventional electronic load, and the weight is 1/3 of the conventional electronic load.

Ultra-wide voltage and current input range

IT8900A/E series has ultra-wide voltage and current input range, covering a variety of existing models, meeting the requirements of high current, low voltage or high voltage, low current.

IT8900A/E Seires High Power DC Electronic Load Battery discharge function

IT8900A/E series electronic load has battery discharge function, and can perform discharge test under CC, CR, or CP mode. IT8900A/E can set 3 battery stop conditions: voltage, capacity and time. Whenever met any condition, it will automatically stop test. During the test, users can observe battery’s voltage, time and already-discharged-ca-pacity.

Built-in communication interface

IT8900A/E series electronic load is built-in LAN, USB, RS232, CAN, GPIB, analog interface, supports SCPI protocol. It is suitable for power expansion, computer or PLC remote control, system building and so on.

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Industry (motors)
Energy storage system
High voltage UPS
Military & Aerospace
Electronic component
On-board charger
Battery pack
Server power supply
DC charging station
Automotive electronics

♦DC charging station, car charger, power electronics and other tests
♦Fuse and relay aging test
♦Power battery, lead battery, fuel cell discharge test
♦Intelligent manufacturing, industrial motor safety testing (such as AGV, robots, etc.)
♦Virtual load testing of natural energy (solar battery array, wind power generation)
♦Server power, high voltage UPS, communication power test
♦A/D power supply and other power electronic components test

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