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As a professional Taiwanese electronic instrument manufacture, "Customer oriented" is the principle of all ITECH's activities. We do our best to know deeper potential power testing requirements of various industries. With continiously improvement and innovation, ITECH's widely products series and power electronic testing solutions upgrade customers' using experience. 

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ITECH will keep the inspiration of continuous innovation, create and collect the value of itself in society. By the high performance products and strong executive power of team, ITECH will provide customers with most accurate, reliable, sustainable and high quality testing solutions.



ITECH will always obey the laws and behave right in business activities.

Continuous innovation

ITECH will always keep the mind of innovation and R&D drives us to move forward. As the owner of hundreds patents, ITECH is trying to provide customers with best and proper products and solutions continuously.

Pursuit excellence and try to fulfill values of all parties

Excellence is the target that ITECH is pusuiting. Based on this, ITECH always tries to provide products and service that is beyond the requirments of customers.

ITECH not only cares about its own benefit, but also caresabout  partners’ and customers’ benefit.We always work out a flexible way to improve ourselves and deal with thechanges. And then all parties win.

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