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  • New energy automobiles are developing rapidly, and testing is key to guarantee quality. ITECH has rich experience and advanced products in tests of vehicle power batteries and charge/piles/vehicle-mounted chargers. For the vehicle power supply system with complex output, the power voltage output always fluctuates as a result of high-current motors, electromagnetic valves, etc., and high-voltage pulsation or drop occurs frequently, resulting in challenges to stable operation of on-board electronic products. ITECH offers solutions meeting ISO16750-2 and DIN40839 standards and provides mature, reliable and comprehensive automobile electronic test solutions.

  • Automobile electronic and electrical test:
    In addition to the complex external environment, the internal electromagnetic environment is also harsh in a car during traveling. The performance and reliability of automobile electronic and electrical products depend on the anti-interference ability to a larger extent. In the electromagnetic physical environment in a car, unstable power voltage and transient over-voltage has serious impact on working electronic devices. Automobile electronic and electrical products generally include electric window, wiper, vehicle-mounted audio equipment, etc., which should be subject to detailed tests to guarantee the overall performance. DIN40839 and ISO-16750-2 are the most commonly used in automobile electronic tests at present. ITECH provides automobile electronic and electrical test solutions based on these two standards. The standard voltage sequence of the voltage curve for the automobile electronic power network, which complies with the two standards, is set in the DC power supply, so that the engineer can rapidly call it in tests. Meanwhile, the solutions of ITECH are programmable, and the waveform can be edited by the user as required.
    Test solution for power battery of electric vehicles:
    At present, new-energy automobiles are developing rapidly, and the majority of them are powered by lithium batteries or fuel batteries. ITECH provides massive, all-round and high-precision solutions for tests of power batteries of electric vehicles, with which 200 groups of power batteries may be tested at the same time. Multiple channels can be controlled independently to meet the requirements on high-efficiency production. The functions include automatically drawing of battery charge and discharge curves, recording and saving of test data, alarming, 50KHz V/I current sampling, etc. The whole power battery pack can be completely tested, and the temperature and resistance of individual battery cells can be monitored in a real-time manner. Therefore, the solutions are the most professional, complete and accurate for power batteries of electric vehicles.
    Vehicle-mounted charger/charge pile test solution:
    New energy automobiles depend on the construction of supporting infrastructure during development. As one of key parts, the vehicle-mounted charge plays an important role in promotion of electric vehicles. ITECH, as the leading test solution supplier in the new energy field, can provide complete test solutions.
    System test solution
    The system test solution of ITECH for the vehicle-mounted charger/charge pile can fully meet test requirements of various vehicle-mounted chargers, and the test process and charger can be controlled by one set of software. The following functions can be provided:
    (1) Test the electrical properties and durability of the charger;
    (2) Simulate the vehicle-mounted control system, and control and monitor the fault state and operating parameters of the charger;
    (3) Compatible with the charge protocols and applicable to tests of various chargers.
    *  The vehicle-mounted charger/charge pile test system of ITECH is developed based on the ITS9500 power supply test system
    Instrument test solution
    The vehicle-mounted charger and charge pile are high-power products. The programmable DC electronic load capable of simulating the power battery is required in the test. ITECH products has the unit power of 600KW, multiple working modes such as CC/CV/CR/CW/CZ and the function of battery simulation, fully meeting the test requirements of high-power charge piles. The no-load test can be tested when the charge pile is charged, or the gradual voltage rise can be simulated to check whether the current is normal, etc.
    Test solution for central control box:
    The central control box test system of ITECH is built with the ITECH programmable electronic load, programmable power supply and other test equipment as well as test software. It can be used for testing the long-time stability of the central control box, the relay life, the fuse and other important performance indicators such as the temperature and fault alarm. The graphic editing interface can be provided and easily operated. The relay ON/OFF time sequence, load current, operating time sequence and channel name can be edited. In the case of failure of one channel, alarm will be sent automatically by software and the channel will stop working, with no influence on normal operation of other channels. The software operating interface can show the voltage, current, temperature, operating time, operating state, I/O state, etc.