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  • ITECH provides high-precision programmable electronic loads, programmable power supplies, battery resistance testers and other testing instruments and high-reliability battery charge and discharge test systems for various lithium batteries, NI-MH batteries, lead acid batteries, hydrogen fuel batteries, super capacitors and other related products. In addition, stable and reliable solutions are offered for the testing of battery cells, battery groups, battery packs, etc.


  • Integrity test of a single battery cell and a battery pack:
    The battery test solutions of ITECH are used in performance tests of various power batteries (lead acid batteries, NI-MH batteries, lithium batteries, super capacitors, hydrogen fuel batteries, etc.) under the simulated working conditions of battery packs of electric vehicles. For massive test requirements on the production line, the performance test hundreds of battery packs or 200 single battery cells can be conducted at the same time, greatly improving the test efficiency and yield of the production line. With the functions of flexible release editing and complete protection, various test requirements can be met. The CC/CW/CR discharge modes, CC/CV charge modes, pulse discharge/charge mode and AC/DC resistance testing function can be supported. Meanwhile, charge/discharge curves can be drawn, the parameters such as the resistance, capacity and current can be saved, batteries can be analyzed comprehensively, and highly-automated battery test solutions with high performance can be provided.
    Charge and discharge test of battery packs:
    The programmable DC power supplies can operate in CC/CV/pulse charging modes.
    The programmable DC electronic loads can operate in the CC/CR/CW/pulse discharging modes. In the new energy field, the electronic load should be capable of bearing high current under low voltage in fuel battery tests. The electronic loads of ITECH can bear 240A current at 0.8V. For applications on the production line, the discharge test can be triggered automatically when the electronic load of ITECH is connected to the battery, greatly facilitating production tests.
    Resistance test of a single battery cell:
    A battery pack generally consists of various single cells in series or parallel. In the case of large differences in resistance, the discharge capacity of the whole battery pack can be seriously affected. ITECH provides advanced test solutions for DC and AC resistance of single battery cells. The resistance can be tested either offline or online.