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  • The LED test solution of ITECH is mainly applied for the integrity test of LED drive power supplies, the reliability test of LED lamps, and ITECH can provide important and high-quality test instruments for integration of the LED integral ball/luminous flux test system, such as the special programmable DC power supply for LED test, etc.

  • LED power driver test solution:


    system test

    The power supply test system of ITECH is the best solution to test LED power supplies and can test a lot of objects can be tested, thereby greatly improving the capacity of the production line. The system is configured with test items corresponding to the optimized properties of objects to be tested. The user only needs to define the test conditions and specifications for standard test items. The optimized test items cover six categories of power supply test requirements: output property test for general properties of objects to be tested; input property test for input parameters of the power supply; protection test for protection circuits of power supplies; real-time and transient measurement for transition conditions of start and shutdown; measurement for voltage rise/drop time of power supplies in the ON or OFF state; stability test for the stability of tested objects in the case of input power and load changes; and comprehensive test for test environments and other special functions.



    ITS9500 power supply test system


    Instrument test

    Tests of LED drive power supply include the electrical property test, reliability test, environmental adaptability test, etc. The programmable AC power supply of ITECH can provide various kinds of ideal and non-ideal AC voltage for LED drive power supply to verify its ability to work stably. The power meter can be applied for high-accuracy measurement of electrical parameters of LED drive power supply. Voltage parameters include Vrms, Vpeak+ and Vpeak-, current parameters include Irms, Ipeak+ and Ipeak-, and power parameters include Watts, Power Factor, VA and VAR. Harmonic measurement and decomposition can be performed. The harmonic wave of up to 50 orders can be provided. In addition, the graphic user interface is provided, so that the user can observe the waveform on the screen. For the output, ITECH can provide the electronic load for LED test, and the bandwidth and speed test meets the dimming test standards of professional LED drive power supplies. With the unique CR-LED mode, the properties of LED on-load lights can be truly simulated to ensure the test accuracy. The test chart of the dedicated electronic load of ITECH for LED test is as follows in the dimming test of LED drive power supply.



    IT8900 LED test DC electronic load series

    IT7300 AC power supply series

    IT7600 AC power supply

    IT9100 power meter series


    LED lamp test solution:

    The LED lamp works in a complex and changing power grid. In the case of thunder, lightning, short-circuiting of circuit switches, grid lines, poles, etc., the surge or notch will occur in the power grid, causing interference to electrical devices. Therefore, the LED lamp should have certain anti-interference ability to work stably. In the test stage, various kinds of potential interference to the power grid can be simulated in the lab with the AC power supply of ITECH, to test the reliability of LED drive power supply. Below is the surge and notch interference waveform output by the AC power supply of ITECH.
    ITECH can provide important test equipment for integration of the LED integral ball/luminous flux test system, etc.
    Studies have shown that the surge current at the moment of power start-up affects the service life of LED lamp. When the general power supply is applied, the average service life of LED lamp will decrease by 20-30% after test. Several DC power supplies of ITECH have the function of inhibiting the surge current at the moment of start-up. With no surge in power start-up, the LED lamp can protected in the test. ITECH can provide important AC power supplies, DC power supplies and other test instruments for the LED integral ball/luminous flux test system, etc.