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  • A power supply is used for providing energy to various electronic devices, with interference resistance, isolation effect and self-protection in operation. Different certification standards are implemented for power supplies on the market in different countries and regions to ensure the quality of power supply products. And power supply manufacturers attach great importance to product testing. ITECH is a professional supplier to provide complete and high-accuracy power supply test solutions, which are applicable to tests of various power supply modules, switching power supplies, chargers, network communication power supplies, etc. ITECH provides high-value and high-performance solutions and global after-sales services. The high-stability test solutions of ITECH meet stringent power supply test requirements in the aerospace and military fields.
    The power supply test solutions of ITECH are applicable to tests of each department and process, such as R&D, production, QA&QC and aging of power supplies.
    The power supply test solutions of ITECH cover a complete range of models, including various programmable AC/DC power supplies, programmable AC/DC electronic loads, power meters, etc.
  • Automatic system test:
    ITECH provides fully-automated solutions for power supply testing. Over 40 items can be tested easily and quickly with the new solutions of higher quality and cost effectiveness than traditional large cabinet test systems. The traditional power supply test system is large and expensive and cannot be easily operated and maintained. For the ITECH power supply test system, the system test of power supplies can be performed within the minimum size of 5U (300W), and different solutions can be provided according to test requirements at different power levels. The system solutions of ITECH for power supply tests help the user to quickly save test data and curves. The function of convenient quality analysis can be provided for the R&D, quality control and other departments. With complete permission management and various fixtures, production efficiency can be greatly improved. Fully considering user requirements in system software operation, ITECH designs two attractive and friendly operating interfaces for professionals and ordinary users to choose from based on their own needs.
    Stand-alone tests:
    ITECH provides mature and reliable stand-alone products for power supply tests, including programmable AC power supplies (300VA to 3,000VA), programmable DC power supplies (90W to 6,000W), programmable AC electronic loads (1800), programmable DC electronic loads (120W to 600KW), power meters, etc. ITECH products meet one-way or multi-way test requirements as well as high-precision and high-speed test requirements. Over the years, the excellent performance of such products have been verified by many customers in power supply tests. In addition, ITECH has been constantly and actively developing more models.
    Programmable AC power supply
    Programmable DC power supply
    Programmable AC electronic load
    Programmable DC electronic load
    High-stability aging test:
    ITECH provides a professional aging test system that supports aging of power supplies in hundreds of channels, and automatic recording and saving aging data under the unattended condition. Meanwhile, with the complete alarming function, the efficiency of aging test is greatly improved. The modular design is applied in the aging test solution of ITECH, thus helping the user to expand test channels in the future with high scalability and compatibility of the system.
    IT9100 aging test system