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  • With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the construction of  relating ancillary infrastructure is inseparable. For charging pile and on-board charger test, ITECH has extensive experience and advanced products, to provide users with comprehensive test solutions.

    ITECH Test Solution Advantages
    1) Module design, customized auto test system, 
    2) High power electronic load can reach up to 600kW, meet test requirement of high power DC charging pile
    3) Built in standard test items
    4) compatible with multiple protocols for charging piles, ideal for testing various charging piles
    5) Fill-in-blank user interface, no need of programming ability
    6) customized test report

  • Product:

    DC power supply:IT6500 Wide-range High-power Supply   

                                     IT6700H High Voltage DC Power Supply

    AC power supply:IT7600 High performance Programmable AC Power Supply

                                               IT7300 Programmable AC Power Supply

    DC E-load:IT8700 Multi-channel DC Electronic Load 

                         IT8800 High Power DC Electronic Load 

                                IT8900 High performance High Power DC Electronic Load

    AC/DC E-load:IT8600 AC/DC Electronic Load

    ATE system:ITS9500 Power Supply Test System



    AC Charging Station Test Solution
    AC charging pile outputs AC and is converted to DC by on-board charger to charge the electric vehicle battery.  


    DC Charging Station Test Solution
    As a fast charging product, DC Charging station has higher output power and voltage,only high power and high voltage DC electronic load can satisfy its testing demand.
    AC Power Source


    On-board Charger/ Charging Interface Test Solution  
    EV battery Charger can be classified into on-board charger and external charger.  ITECH on-board charger test system includes electronic load for discharging battery, AC source for simulating grid supply, oscilloscope, power meter and professional software to guarantee the complete test for charger.