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IT6500C Automotive electronic waveform testing adds new waveforms

 IT6500 series wide range high power DC power supply is a star product in ITECH programmable DC power supply product line, which can be applied to automotive electronics, solar photovoltaic system, DC motor, battery and other fields for research and development, manufacture and system configuration, and IT6500 series has been widely recognized by the market since launched. At present, ITECH has upgraded IT6500C series power supply automotive electronic waveform again.

Automotive electronics manufacturers and OEMs often use programmable DC power supply for electrical reliability test, but the diversity of test standard and complexity of the programming function added difficulty for the job. However, ITECH IT6500C series’ electronic wave testing function can solve the issues. In order to improve ITT6500C series testing capability in the field of automotive electronics, ITECH increase various automotive electronic waveforms. IT6500C series had Starting Profile, Reset, Short Drop test wave of DIN 40839 and ISO 16750-2, now increases  ISO 16750-2、ISO 21848、SAEJ1113-11、LV124 standard testing waves, which help automotive electronics engineers easily choose the suitable standard waveform to do test.

ISO 16750-2 standard increase new Load Dump waveform 

ISO 21848 standard do the test for 42V power supply vehicle, new increased waves includes maximum dynamic voltage, voltage sag reduction performance, instantaneous voltage drop, startup behavior, etc.

SAEJ1113-11 is automotive power circuit transient anti-interference ability test standard launched by SAE, new waveform covers Test 2B, Test 4, Test 5 waveform of SAEJ1113-11

LV124 is Germany auto enterprise standard, users can use IT6500C to test 11 curves’ waveform in this standard. 

ITECH IT6500C series wide range high power DC power supply is with built-in automotive electronic waveform testing function, it makes engineers directly recall the testing waveforms of DIN 40839, ISO 16750-2, ISO 21848, SAEJ1113-11, LV124 and other standards, easily complete the reliability testing for automobile electronic products.