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MICROCHIP Creates Unlimited Leads-ITECH Provides the Best Testing Solution

2017 Taiwan Microchip conference is in full swing, we ITECH, since Nov 15th, has attended Taipei, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu seminars with ITECH star products. At Nov 28th, we will look forward to see you in Taichung.

ITECH exhibits various star products, including high-performance automatic test system, power supply, electronic load, power analyzer and etc., dedicated to the solution of PV inverter, solar cell and solar battery pack, Micro-grid and automotive electronics.

ITECH shows IT6400 series, the unique bipolar voltage/current output makes IT6400 series can be used as a bipolar power source or a bipolar electronic load. The battery simulating function is especially applicable for development and high speed production testing of portable, battery-operated products. IT6400 has ultrafast transient time less than 50 μs and resolution up to 1 nA. Its new designed speed shift mode achieves voltage/current fast rising and without overshoot, the rising time up to 150μs. Meanwhile, the waveform display function let the test be visible and simple. IT6400 series can be widely used in portable battery-operated products test, mobile power pack test, LED test and other fields.

ITECH newly launched IT8300 Regenerative DC Electronic Load, it not only can simulate various load characteristics, but also can feed power back to grid without pollution. This eliminates the usual heat dissipation to a minimum and saves energy costs, adapts requirements of global energy-saving and emission reduction at the same time. IT8300 adopts high power density design, e.g. for 3 U size, it can absorb power up to 10.5 kW. IT8300 supports master-slave paralleling and current equalized distribution, which can expand the power up to 105KW or more. Moreover IT8300 has multiple functions such as the automatic grid-state detection, on-grid electricity accumulation, anti-islanding protection, battery-test function, dynamic mode, LIST function, etc. The various functions make IT8300 series suitable for high-power power supply, storage battery, photovoltaic battery, electric vehicle, energy storage system, etc.

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